Hall Of Fame

Tim Ruzgar   |   2022

I feel very honoured to be inducted in to the Linedancer Hall of Fame. My wife and I began going to line dance classes in the 90s following a trip to America. We got hooked and were going six days a week! I became a DJ by chance whilst helping a friend set up a trial country music station in Doncaster. As I had a large collection of country music he insisted I did some shows. Which led to doing events and the rest is history! During this time also ran events and worked closely with many choreographers, supplying them with music. It was a hectic and busy period deejaying at both social and competition events all over Europe and the States, one of the the highlights being asked to be Head DJ at Worlds in Nashville. I loved line dance, country music, travelling and meeting people so my work gave me the opportunity to enjoy it all. However, in 2008 I decided it was the right time for me to give up being a DJ. My involvement with the Crystal Boot Awards started back in 1998 and, I'm still happily involved with the production side at the CBAs. LL