Hall Of Fame

Nicola Lafferty   |   2015

Nicola started dancing at just two years of age and it is the beginning of a lifelong love affair. She learns all kinds of genres and styles and when older, works in Scotland top productions (42nd Street, Carousel, Fame, Barnum and Oliver, to name but a few). Disaster strikes when Nicola contracts Scarlet fever during her university years and is laid off dance for a year. Her mother suggests line dance to ease her back into dancing and Nicola, somewhat reluctantly agrees that this form of dancing is better than no dance at all. It only takes once class to prove to the young dancer that line dance is a million miles away from her paradigms and she soon embraces the competition side of line. She approaches Rob Fowler who agrees to train her and goes on to compete and win many titles. Eventually, Nicola decides to concentrate on coaching other young competitors and also begins judging, leaving competing behind. But not for long. When she starts competing again it is in the Country Couples Pro-Pro division with American Masters dancer Ronnie DeBenedetta. She wins a World title and in January 2010 becomes the Female Pro Pro World Champion. This foundation allows Nicola to work successfully for World Dance Masters as Co-Owner and Competition Director. Her role is diverse and she liaises with the other Directors to run Masters events all over the world. She also undertakes successful technique workshops all over Europe. As the co-choreographer and coach with CountryVive, the hugely successful TV and stage line dance team, Nicola has proved beyond doubt what an important contributor and talented young lady she is. Her work for line dance is ongoing, her dedication immense and her results impressive. She was a natural choice for Linedancer's 2016 Hall Of Fame.