Hall Of Fame

Chris Hodgson   |   2013

Chris Hodgson has been teaching Line dance for many years and her name has become synonymous with great dances, well written with fabulous songs as backdrops.

She was a successful aerobic instructor and found that having written routines for 11 or so years, choreographing for Line dance came quite naturally.

Her first hit was American Pie in 1997. She remembers that not everybody liked it, some finding the music way too modern. She did not realize it at the time perhaps but she was a trailblazer in using different songs for successful dances. She would get a Crystal Boot for best UK choreographer in 1999.

Over the years many of her dances were nominated for the Crystal Boot Event. In a back catalogue of dance hits too numerous to mention, classics like Streamlinin', Ready Steady, Whisperin', Louisanna Lou, Tropical Breeze, Crazy Little Thing, Bailando 64 (and 32!), Hot Summer Fun and Never Ending Story are dances that everyone knows and loves to today and that still fill dance floors the world over. Chris's ability to find the perfect track and write beautiful choreography that just "fits" is the reason she is one of the best choreographers Line dance has in its midst. Galway Girls (probably one of the biggest hits on the world’s dance floor ever danced) would bring her a second award in 2008.

Chris is also a terrific instructor and her popularity has endured because of her sunny personality and kindness to dancers and other choreographers alike.