Hall Of Fame

Martha Ogasawara   |   2012

Martha Ogasawara grew up and went to college in Indiana and became interested in Japan. She went there for her junior year and ended up meeting her husband to be, Takashi. When she returned to Japan after completing her studies, she studied many traditional Japanese arts and also began square dancing. She started her own SD club and eventually became interested in round dancing and clogging as well. Dancing had slowly become a lifelong passion.

In 1993, she tried out C/W dancing and liked it so much she created, along with 32 other members, the Nagoya Crazy Feet line dance club. Today, she is the club’s main instructor and they have brought over many instructors for their events. Such “big names” as Scott Blevins, Jo Thompson Szymanski, Rachael McEnaney, Maggie Gallagher and many more have come to meet Japanese dancers over the years.

Martha is widely accredited as one of the main influences on the dance scene in Japan. Martha brings together the West and East in Line dance terms and is to this day working incredibly hard for dancers from both cultures to dance together as one on worldwide dance floors! She is Line dance’s dream ambassador.