Hall Of Fame

John Robinson   |   2007

The title Mr Showcase is born from his lively and outgoing personality - having a sense of humour - which is second to none! Originally, he was just a shy, retiring farm boy from Wisconsin, USA. He exploded onto the Line dance scene in 1993 after a friend invited him along to a free class at The Grizzly Rose Saloon. Whoever that friend was, we all have him or her to thank for introducing him to the Line dance world.

In 1995, his teaching career began to take off and he taught everything, including freestyle, couples and Line dancing. Not only has he achieved 40+ UCWDC first place titles, including UCWDC World's VI Line Dance Male Showcase Champion, holding his name high at the top level. But, his choreography is also a firm favourite on the dance floor with classics like Switchblade USA, Hot Potato and Keep It Burnin.